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To verify that your Google Surveys code has been properly implemented, first, open your site in a browser and view the source code (select 'View' then 'Source' or 'Page Source'). Next, compare the Google Surveys code in your page source with the code from Step 1: Copy the Google Surveys code. Your surveys may not appear if you see any of these issues:

  • The Google Surveys code does not appear in its entirety
  • The code displays all on one line
  • The code has extra HTML tags within it

Because every web editor is different, we're unable to provide you with specific instructions for resolving these issues. Please revisit the steps in this guide to double check that the code has been copied and pasted correctly. If you're looking for help with implementing surveys on pages with potentially conflicting elements, see the next page in this guide, Adding Google Surveys code to pages with conflicting elements.

If you need further assistance with implementing the Google Surveys code into the design of your webpages, we suggest using the following Google search terms:

If you are currently using WYSIWYG software or any other HTML editing software, we suggest referencing your software manual or contacting the product's technical support team for assistance.
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