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One of the survey-targeting options available within Google Surveys is “Android-smartphone users.” These respondents are users of the Google Opinion Rewards app. The demographic composition of this app is different from respondent samples on our publisher network.

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Composition of Opinion Rewards respondents

Users of Google Opinion Rewards tend to be earlier adopters and heavier technology users than the average person. Additionally, the respondent base is typically more heavily comprised of younger, male users than the representative sample fielded by a Google Surveys general population survey.

Determining Google Opinion Rewards users’ languages
During the Google Opinion Rewards setup process, users are prompted to provide basic demographics that can be used for targeting. As part of this demographic survey, users are asked which languages they speak fluently and are willing to answer surveys in. The languages chosen are then used to designate which types of surveys particular users receive.
Expected sampling biases

We conduct ongoing validation of our Android user base to better understand the expected biases of the respondent base. Opinion Rewards users have some distinct, expected characteristics that reflect a more tech-savvy, younger respondent base.

In general, compared to the general population, Opinion Rewards users are:

  • More highly educated
  • Less likely to own a home
  • Less likely to visit a doctor
  • More likely to be become afflicted with or currently have Asthma
  • More physically active
  • More likely to own or use a DVR or video-on-demand
Differences by country
Opinion Rewards’ initial availability dates vary in each market. Additionally, smartphone penetration and usage varies greatly from one market to the next. As a result, the composition of our Android respondents is different in each country, but generally maintains the traits detailed in this article.

Best applications for this type of targeting

Given the known qualities of Opinion Rewards users, some of the suggested applications for targeting surveys to “Android-smartphone users” include:

  • Research targeted at “millennials,” or respondents ages 18-34
  • Early-adopter research for product development and concept testing
  • Representative research of Smartphone users in a given country

Current Android distributions

While the user base of Opinion Rewards may have a higher concentrations of younger, male users, the Surveys system aims to balance the age, gender, and geographic distribution of respondents to closely match distribution of the general population for each country we support.

Below is the current effective distribution (the distribution of respondents you can expect to get for Android targeted surveys) of surveys in each country by age and gender. These reflect the distributions you should expect when targeting Android in a given country.

All distributions last updated April 4, 2016.

  United States Canada United Kingdom Australia Germany
Male 64.10% 48.60% 50.90% 52.60% 51.00%
Female 35.90% 51.40% 49.10% 47.40% 49.00%
18-24 14.10% 17.40% 16.30% 30.80% 13.60%
25-34 16.60% 18.80% 23.60% 26.20% 19.60%
35-44 21.50% 19.60% 17.30% 34.80% 23.20%
45-54 17.80% 16.00% 18.20% 4.50% 21.30%
55-64 13.80% 18.80% 12.40% 1.30% 13.10%
65+ 16.20% 9.40% 12.20% 2.40% 9.20%


  Italy Netherlands Japan Brazil Mexico
Male 56.90% 54.20% 52.70% 36.00% 48.30%
Female 43.10% 45.80% 47.30% 64.00% 51.70%
18-24 12.00% 14.00% 14.00% 28.60% 27.60%
25-34 21.90% 20.80% 21.20% 27.10% 26.50%
35-44 26.70% 26.40% 24.60% 25.60% 25.20%
45-54 23.30% 19.60% 20.00% 9.40% 14.10%
55-64 8.80% 10.90% 14.70% 5.10% 3.40%
65+ 7.30% 8.30% 5.50% 4.20% 3.20%
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