Website Satisfaction


Google Consumer Surveys for website satisfaction allow you to easily create customer satisfaction surveys for your website. Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses, providing the data back to you through a simple online interface. Each user will be asked to complete the four-question satisfaction survey. Surveys will run until they have received 500 responses. After 30 days, the survey starts again so you can track responses over time. This is currently limited to non mobile devices in these markets.

Google Consumer Surveys for website satisfaction are free by default. You can create additional surveys with customized questions for 1¢ per response or $5.00 for 500 responses. Custom surveys will randomly alternate serving to users with the free default website satisfaction survey that can't be edited. You can have a screening question only in custom satisfaction surveys.

Website owners who use Google Consumer Surveys for website satisfaction get:

  • Segmentation by demographics where available.
  • Cross tabs for screening questions (if applicable).
  • Interactive charts and data visualizations.
  • Automatically generated insights by demographic segment.
  • Downloadable charts and data sets.

Because this survey is targeted to a particular site, the demographic populations will reflect those of the site's audience, not the general population.

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