Troubleshooting Payments

Declined Cards

If you place an order using a Google Wallet account, you'll receive an automatic email from Google notifying you if there is a failed charge. You must sign in to your Google Wallet account and update your payment information within seven days.

Once signed in, you can:
  • Try to pay with your default card
  • Pay with another card
  • Update the billing address or expiration date on your default card
  • Add a new card

If your payment information is not updated within seven days after the card declines, your order will automatically be cancelled.

Note: Updating payment information will result in any previously declined orders being charged to the new/updated card.

Once you successfully update your payment information, you can review the status of your order by signing into your account.

If your credit/debit card was declined, consider the following issues that users often encounter when making purchases online:

  • Enter the entire card number without any spaces or dashes
  • Verify your card hasn't expired, and enter the correct expiration date
  • Enter the correct Card Verification Code (CVC)
    • Google Wallet only sends CVC information to your bank for the initial authorization of your card. To ensure the security of your credit card information, Google does not store your CVC and it will not be sent for all other authorizations.
  • Confirm the billing address listed in your Google Wallet account matches the billing address that appears on your credit/debit card statement

If you're not able to correct the problem after double-checking and re-entering all of your information, we suggest contacting your credit/debit card-issuer for more information. Once you successfully update your payment information, the seller can charge and fulfill your order. Review the status of your order and confirm your card was successfully updated by signing into your account at

If you place an order as a Google Wallet guest and your credit/debit card declines, your order will automatically be cancelled. If you'd still like to complete the transaction, please place a new order.

Greyed-Out Google Wallet Buttons

If you come across a grey or inactive Google Wallet button, our service may be unavailable for one or more of the items you're purchasing.

Sellers may grey-out Google Wallet buttons for products that are out of stock, on pre-order, or restricted by our content policies. If you believe the seller has restricted the Google Wallet service in error, we recommend contacting them directly for additional details.

Failed Refunds

Refunds are automatically returned to the credit/debit card used at the time of purchase. If your bank declines our refund:

  • Contact your card issuing bank to determine the reason for the decline
  • Sign in to Google Wallet and update your credit/debit card

International Credit Cards

If a seller doesn't accept payments from a country, you'll see a message in a yellow box on the Secure Wallet with Google page. You won't be able to place the order with the card on that seller's site.

Accepting credit/debit cards from various countries is determined by the seller. If you believe they have excluded credit/debit cards from your location in error, please contact the seller directly.

If you have a credit/debit card issued in a different country, you can add additional cards to your Google Wallet account at any time.

Still need more help? Feel free to Contact Google Wallet.