Share your survey results

Google Consumer Surveys allows you to share your results with others, either on an individual basis or by opening your results to the public.

Add owners to your survey

Google Consumer Surveys allows you to add other owners to your survey. Survey owners can access survey data, delete surveys, and set the privacy permissions for a survey. Survey owners must have Gmail or Google Apps email accounts.

To add another owner to your survey:

  1. Select the Share button from your survey results page.
  2. Enter the new owner’s email address under Add a new survey owner.
  3. Click on the Add Owner button.

Please note that once you add an owner to a survey, they cannot be removed.

Make your data public

By making your survey public, anyone with the link to your survey can access your survey results. Your survey may be listed publicly and will be searchable on Google or other search engines. You can send the link to others via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, or paper note.

To set your survey to be shared publicly:

  1. Click the Share button from your survey results page.
  2. Under Share your survey results, click on the Make available to anyone with the link button to set your survey to be public.

If you decide to make your data private again at a later time, follow the same steps as above and click Make private.

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