Alternate Action Unit

Publishers may choose one of the following non-survey actions to appear as an alternative for users who do not want to answer questions:

  • Skip button (default)

  • Registration/sign in (advanced)

  • Email/newsletter sign up (advanced)

  • Payment via Google Wallet (advanced)

Publishers are responsible for providing code necessary to implement any non-survey alternative actions they choose to include, and are exclusively responsible for collecting and handling user information collected through these alternative actions. For the “Registration/sign in” or “Email/newsletter sign up” actions the publisher will develop a simple web form with links in HTML and the logic to track registered users. The size of the form should be within 350x200 pixels. The microsurvey is in an iframe, so any CSS or JS the publisher has running in the rest of the page that you want to show up in the Alternate Action Unit will need to be bundled with the HTML. Use this link to test your Alternate Action Unit before submitting the HTML code.