Audience segments

When Consumer Surveys collects responses from the “general internet audience,” it uses published Internet population data sets for the target population distribution. For example, when targeting United States, the United States government’s Current Population Survey (CPS), Internet Supplement is the target population distribution. For details please see our whitepaper. Please note that our audience incomes are the median income of the areas we surveyed.

You can target questions based on inferred demographics (age, gender or geography) from the first step of the survey creation wizard.

For custom audiences such as dog owners or people who play golf, you can use screening questions which allow you to screen respondents to ensure that they are in your target audience. A screening question can be any non-binary, multiple choice question such as Yes / No / I plan to. As an example, respondents will first see your screening question and then those who select “Yes” or “I plan to” will answer the following questions from your survey.