Google Consumer Surveys overview

Google Consumer Surveys is a market research tool that allows you to easily create online surveys in order to help make more informed business decisions. Users complete survey questions in order to access high quality content around the web, and publishers get paid as their users answer. Google automatically aggregates and analyzes responses, providing the data back to you through a simple online interface. To view the Google Consumer Surveys product overview, click here.

Long surveys deter consumers from participating, so the resulting data is less representative and takes longer to gather. Our surveys are shorter than most market research surveys, with a maximum of 10 questions. This improves the respondent experience, while quickly generating higher quality data, with the same full cross-tabs & analysis capabilities. Google Consumer Surveys helps researchers leverage shorter surveys to improve quality, speed and affordability.

You can also choose to run a tracking survey where the same survey runs for set time intervals to measure insights such as brand awareness. To view the one sheeter for Tracking Surveys, please click here.

Google Consumer Surveys also offers you the ability to create customer satisfaction surveys for your website. To view the one sheeter for Website Satisfaction Surveys, please click here.


Google Consumer Surveys Overview

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