Using the Community Console (Alpha)

The Community Console provides power users with a centralized, streamlined way to find and reply to content.

It’s currently in an Alpha state. While we still have a ways to go, we hope you’ll find this initial version helpful, look forward to introducing additional improvements, and greatly value your feedback!

Find the Community Console

You can access the Community Console by visiting:  To make this easier to find, we'll be linking this from the forum UI in the near future.  


To browse threads:

  1. On the lefthand side, select the forum(s) you'd like to view. 
    • My forums will list all communities where you're badged as a Product Expert or CM.
    • All forums lists other available communities, where you're also welcome to contribute.
    • Private forums list private discussions forums available to Product Expert and CMs.
    • Selecting multiple forums will display a blended view of questions. The breadcrumbs beneath question titles and color coding along the left edge indicate the forum of origin.
  2. Browse to find threads you're interested in contributing to. Notables:
    • Badges indicate whether a Googler, Expert or other badged user has replied on the thread. You'll also find additional data displayed (e.g. number of views, replies, me toos).
    • Checkmarks indicate threads with 1+ recommended answer
    • Hover over creation date to see the exact time created.
    • Expand the thread to see the full original message inline.
    • Use the sort options in the upper right to order by last created or updated.
  3. To narrow down the list of threads displayed, use the search bar at the top of the page. More below.

Search and filter  

To quickly find posts that you’re interested in contributing to, there are a couple options. To search:

  1. Go to the search bar at the top of the page.
  2. Use the filter Filter icon to bring up a menu of filter options.
  3. Define specific criteria that match what you're looking for -- e.g. threads without an authoritative reply AND created in the last 24 hours, in a specific category. Learn more about using filters
  4. Use the Save Filter option so you can easily re-use. Saved searches will appear in your Filter Views section on the lefthand side.

To use pre-filtered views: 

  1. Go to the Filter Views on the lefthand side to swiftly navigate to your content.
  2. Select option that best matches what you're looking for: 
    • All questions: All threads 
    • My activity: Threads you've created or replied to
    • Starred by me: Threads you've starred
    • Subscribed by me: Threads you're currently subscribed to
      This is also where you'll find any custom searches you've created!

Create and reply to posts

To reply to a thread:

  1. Select the thread in question.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the topic and click the blue arrow in the lower right.
  3. Write your reply.
  4. Click Post.

To start a new thread, click Create ​on the browse page of the forum.

Use bulk actions & keyboard shortcuts

To swiftly take action on multiple threads, there are a couple bulk actions you may find handy. To use:

  1. Select the threads you're interested in by hovering over the  and checking the box.
  2. Use the icons in the upper right to complete the desired action:
    • : Star or Un-Star
    • : Mark as Read or Unread
    • : Report Off-Topic or Report Abuse

To further streamline your contributions, see list of supported keyboard shortcuts on the lefthand side.

Adjust your settings

To adjust your primary settings for the Community Console:

  1. Go to Settings on the lefthand side.
  2. Indicate your Notification preferences:
    • Email Notifications: Receive all community notifications in your email inbox (e.g. when you subscribe to, answer or star a post).
    • Subscribe checkbox selected by default: The Subscribe option will be pre-selected any time you create or reply to a thread.
    • Receive notifications for starred questions: Receive notifications for any threads you've starred
  3. Designate your preferred Forum Language(s). By default, you'll see questions created in these languages when browsing content. 
  4. Specify your Display Language to determine the language of the Community Console interface itself.



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