Other sort and filter tips

Here are a few more useful tips you can use when sorting and filtering posts based on your needs. 
  • In the Ask flow, the help seeker selects a category when asking a question. In the Community Console, you can choose to filter to one or more categories to view and answer questions in those categories. 
  • If you want to exclude or quickly sort through older posts, use the filter and sort options such as Created and Last updated or Upvotes. 
  • You can combine sort and filter to see posts based on your needs. 
  • Any time you choose a Sort by option, the Community console will remember your previous choice when you access the console again. 
  • You can also navigate directly to any sort option and save the it as a browser bookmark. 
  • If you filter to a specific set of forums, the filter will override any forums selected in the left navigation panel. You can use this along with a saved filter in a few ways:
    • You can create a saved filter that includes all the forums you’re interested in, and use that as a shortcut to see all the relevant threads
    • You can create one saved filter per forum that you’re interested in, and include any filter criteria you would like to add; for example, you can create a filter for showing only unread threads. This will let you use saved filters to create a consistent view for every forum. 
  • If you don’t filter to a forum, then your filter will apply to any forums selected in the left navigation panel. This is another way to create a useful filter and switch between one or more forums.
  • You can use the special :me  designation to filter posts that you have answered or created. This designation can be used in all the name filters like, Creator's name, Creator's role, Last replier, Last replier's role, Replier's name and Replier's role. See the below example. 
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