I have a great idea for Google Gears. Whom should I contact?

We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Google Gears is open source software, so you should feel free to join our community. If you have a cool new idea you'd like to discuss, you should join our Google Group and post your comment there.

The Google Gears discussion group is intended for all topics, so don't be shy! You can post there whether your idea is about an application you'd like to build, or an enhancement or feature you'd like to see in Google Gears. Perhaps most importantly, you can also post there if you're having problems using Gears in an application you're building. The Google Gears discussion group is an open forum. Developers help each other, but the group also includes Google employees working on Gears who post regularly.

If you're interested in obtaining the source code for Google Gears and making some enhancements of your own, you should also visit the Google Gears Contributors Site.

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