What are some useful editor features?

GME offers the following features to help you in constructing your code:

  • Syntax highlighting - Elements are distinctively "colorized"—HTML, GME tags, and JavaScript are highlighted in different colors to visually distinguish the different parts of the code. Also, as the user types, the editor highlights the code to indicate where a tag or attribute value may not have been properly closed off.
  • Syntax completion for gm tags - The editor will try to auto-complete GME tags so that you don't have to create closing tags yourself. For example, on a new line, start typing <gm:template and then press the Tab key—the rest of the template skeleton is filled in.
  • Error checking - Select Syntax Checking from the drop-down File menu to have the compiler detect and report errors it knows about.
  • F2 for reference - If you can't remember the required formats or elements of a tag, you can press F2 to bring up the tag's reference documentation.
  • Line numbering - The editor provides line numbering for easy reference.
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