How can I get the Maps API to display in a language besides English?

The map controls, tooltips, and copyrights have been translated for a subset of languages. To get the map to display the translation for a certain language, you can add "hl=XX" to your <script> tag, where XX is the ISO639 two-letter code for that language. For example, German has the code 'de,' so you would use: <script src=""> to get zoom controls that say "Verkleinern" instead of "Zoom out".
We currently have translations for Basque (eu), Catalan (ca), Danish (da), Dutch (nl), Finnish (fi), French (fr), Galician (gl), German (de), Greek (el), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Norwegian (no), Norwegian Nynorsk (nn), Russian (ru), Spanish (es), Swedish (sv), and Thai (th).