Use assist cards

This feature is available with Google Workspace.

You can use assist cards to see timely, customized information throughout your workday, to help keep you organized and prepared. Cards appear on your Google Cloud Search homepage based on recent activity and upcoming events, such as your scheduled meetings in Google Calendar and the work around you.

See your assist cards

Assist cards aren't supported on mobile browsers. Install the Cloud Search app on your mobile device.
  1. Sign in to Cloud Search at

    If you can't sign in, your account doesn't have Cloud Search. Learn more

  2. Your assist cards appear on the homepage. Scroll down to see all the cards.

Tip: To return to the homepage from the search results page, in the top left, click .

If you don’t see any assist cards, it’s because you don’t have any meetings today in Calendar and you haven’t worked recently in Google Drive.

Organize your workday with assist cards

To give you customized information at the moment you need it, cards change based on recent activity and upcoming events, for example:

  • You'll see a card for your current meeting, or the next meeting of the day.
  • Items on the "Pick up where you left off" card change throughout the day as you work on documents.
Pick up where you left off

See documents in Google Drive you recently viewed or edited, or were commented on by someone else. Learn more

Prepare for today's meetings

You get a meeting card based on your day’s meetings in Calendar. The format of the card varies depending on when you view it, in relation to the start of your meetings. Learn more

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