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You can use Google Cloud Search to find information in the G Suite services you use everyday for work, such as Gmail, Drive, and Calendar. Search results come from content in your organization’s domain, and you only see results when you're signed in to your G Suite account.

Cloud Search respects your permission settings

Cloud Search follows the same sharing model used across G Suite. The results you see are based on the sharing settings already in place for your other G Suite services, such as Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Sites. For example, results from your Gmail are seen only by you and by people and groups in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields.

See something that doesn’t look right? Check the permission settings of the content to make sure it’s shared appropriately.

Learn about the Cloud Search results page

Search results

1. Toolbar icons and functions

Help Click to get help.

Feedback Click to send feedback.

Settings Click to change your settings.

Tip: To return to your assist cards on the Cloud Search homepage, click Cloud Search.

2. Menu bar filters and search tools
  • Filters—Choose the type of results you want to see by clicking one of the content sources on the menu bar. For example, if you only want to see email, click Mail.
  • Search tools—Click Search tools to see more advanced ways to filter your results, like by owner, time period, or content type.

Learn how to filter your search results.

3. Search results

Every search result has 4 parts:

  • Title—The first blue line of any search result is the title. Click the title to open the content.
  • Icon—In the top corner of each search result, you see an icon that indicates the type of content. For example, Email indicates that the result is part of an email thread.
  • Short description—Below the title is a description of the item (snippet), which can include actual words from the content. Your search terms display in bold to help you decide which results you want to open.
  • Privacy, date, and owner—At the bottom of the result, you see one or more of the following details:
    • Privacy setting of the content (who can see the content)
    • Date the content was created or modified (Drive), received (Gmail), or posted (Groups)
    • Name of the owner or sender
4. Side panel

To the right of your search results, you see an area where cards can appear for particular features, such as employee profiles. For example, if the administrator who manages your organization's Google Accounts has integrated your employee directory, you see profile cards here when searching for a team member.

Spelling suggestions

Cloud Search automatically checks the spelling of the words in your query. If there's a more common spelling for what you're trying to find, you see a "Did you mean..." spelling suggestion at the top of your search results.

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