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You can quickly find contact information for a colleague just by searching for their name in Google Cloud Search. A card with their profile information appears at the top of your search results.

If your search matches more than one person, you see a card with profile summaries. To see a person’s full profile, click their name. If you search for a manager, you also see a list of the people who report to them.

Profile card

Find contact information for people at work

From a card, you can send an email, start a video call, or make a call using your mobile device.

  1. Sign in to Cloud Search at

    If you can't sign in, your account doesn't have Cloud Search. Learn more

  2. Search for a person by name.
  3. From the card, select how you want to contact the person:
    • To make a video call, click Start a Hangout Start a Hangout.
    • To send an email, click Email Email.
  4. See manager and direct report information:
    • To see the profile of a person's manager, click the manager's name.
    • To see who reports to a manager, click Show More:
      • To see the profile of a direct report, click their name.
      • To contact a direct report, next to their name, click More More, then select how you want to contact them.

Profile cards appear only on the first page of results, and you won’t see them if you filter your search results.

Note: You see contact and manager information only if your organization has added these profile details to user accounts.

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