Filter your search results

You can refine your Google Cloud Search results by using the filters at the top of the results page. Search filters narrow your results based on specific criteria, such as the content type or time period. For example, you can select filters to see only Google Docs that were edited in the past week, or only emails sent by you.

You see filters for only the services your organization has turned on for you.


Apply filters to your search results

  1. Sign in to Cloud Search at

    If you can't sign in, your account doesn't have Cloud Search. Learn more

  2. Do a search.
  3. At the top of the search results page, click a content source, such as Drive or Mail.
    The page lists only results that match the filter.
  4. Click Search tools to see more ways you can refine your search results.
    Your choices depend on the content source you've selected.
  5. From the search tools drop-down lists, select one or more filters:
    • To remove any filters you've selected through search tools, click Clear.
    • To go back to results from all content types, click All.

When I do a new search, the previous filters are still there

If you do a new search, any filters you previously applied stay in place. For example, if you filter by Mail, then do a new search, you only see Mail results, unless you select All or another source.

Tool filters also remain active when you switch sources, unless they aren't supported by the new source. For example, if you filter on Drive and Owned by me, then select Mail, results filter by Mail, but search tools automatically clear because Owned by me doesn't apply to Mail.

Tip: Another way you can refine your results is to use search operators in your search query.

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