Develop with Google Cloud Print

If you’re looking to develop a network of printers with Google Cloud Print, or create an app compatible with Google Cloud Print, here are some helpful resources:

Develop a Google Cloud Ready printer
Our codesite has a step-by-step guide to developing printers that integrate with Google Cloud Print. Read the tutorial on our codesite.
Develop an application that integrates with Google Cloud Print
Application developers can enable Google Cloud Print in their web, mobile, or native apps. Read the tutorial on our codesite.
Sample code for Google Cloud Print developers
The Google Cloud Print connector in Chrome is open-source and available for review. Sample code relevant to both application developers and printer makers is also available on our codesite.
Set up Google Cloud Print at my company
There are a few different approaches to set up Google Cloud Print in a corporate or educational environment. To explore available options and tools, see the instructions for IT administrators.
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