Use search operators to find devices

When you search for devices, you can include search operators with a search term to narrow your search results. To use the operators in a search, see the search procedure outlined at Search for devices with common criteria

You can use some search terms without a search operator to perform a global search. For example, you can search for the serial number with or without the serial: operator, and the results are similar.

When you use search operators, keep the following in mind:

  • Always include a colon (:) immediately after the operator.
  • Make sure there are no spaces between the operator and the value—for example, status:pending.
  • Enter dates and times using the formats in the following table: 
Form Searches Sample searches
datetime Exactly on the given date or time 2016-03-23
datetime..datetime Within (inclusive) the given interval of date or time 2016-03-23..2011-04-26
datetime.. On or after the given date or time 2016-04-26T14:23:05..
..datetime On or before the given date or time ..2016-04-26T14:23:05

Search operators

Company-owned device search operators
Syntax Searches for Sample searches Global search
serial:string The device’s serial number serial:015d3fb66e241807 Yes
status:status Devices with the given provisioning status

Supported values:

  • approved
  • not_in_use
  • blocked
sync:time_range Devices whose last policy sync was in the given time range
type:string Type of device type:android No
Personal device search operators
Syntax Searches for Sample searches Global search Management type
apps:app Apps on users' Android devices if application auditing is turned on (see Android settings page > General settings) apps:Calendar
No Advanced
bootloader:string Bootloader version on Android devices bootloader:BHZ11e No Advanced
brand:string Brand name
brand:google Yes Advanced
build_number:string Build number build_number:6.7.2_EDEM-18 No Advanced
carrier:string Name of the mobile operator of the given device carrier:Airtel No Advanced
compromised_status:string Compromised device status compromised_status:compromised compromised_status:uncompromised compromised_status:undetected No Advanced
default_language:string Language settings on the device default_language:English No Advanced
email:address Email address (as a phrase) matches and Yes Basic and advanced
encryption_status:string Encryption status of an Android device encryption_status:encrypted
No Advanced
hardware:string Hardware for an Android device hardware:bullhead Yes Advanced
hid:string Hardware ID hid:A0000292789YD Yes Advanced
id:string Alphanumeric string (with numbers and alphabetic characters) that identifies this device for mobile device management. id:12345ABCDEFXYZ Yes Advanced
imei:string International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number of the device imei:353020051574987 Yes Advanced
kernel_version:string Kernel version kernel_version:3.1.10-g1e42d16 No Advanced
mac_address:string WiFi MAC address of the device mac_address:30:85:a9:59:d5:ed Yes Advanced
management_type:string Devices managed by the specified management type. management_type:advanced
No Basic and advanced
manufacturer:string Manufacturer of an Android device manufacturer:LGE Yes Advanced
meid:string Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) of the device; only for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) devices meid:A0954742789012 Yes Advanced
model:name Name of the device model model:nexus s Yes Advanced
name:words Given words in usernames name:joe matches name Joe Sabia but not Joel Ortiz
name:Joe Sabia matches name Joe Sabia and Joe Sabia Daniels but not Joey Sabia or Joe The Pun Champ Sabia
Yes Advanced
os:name Name of the mobile operating system os:Android
os:ios 9
Yes Advanced
Password status of an Android 6.0+ device password_status:on
No Advanced
privilege​:string Android devices that have a work profile set up privilege:device_owner are corporate-owned devices configured to recognize the company as the device owner
privilege:profile_owner are users’ personal devices configured with managed work profiles that are separate from their personal space
privilege:device_admin are users’ personal devices configured with managed accounts within their personal space
No Basic and advanced
register:time_range Devices that were registered in the given time range register:2017-03-23
No Advanced
security_patch_level:date Date of the last OS security update for an Android 6.0+ Marshmallow—device security_patch_level:2017-08-05 security_patch_level:2017-08-05..
No Advanced
serial:string Device serial number serial:015d3fb66e241807 Yes Advanced
status:status Devices with the given G Suite provisioning status


(Supported valuesaccount_wiped, 
account_wiping, approved, blocked, pending, unprovisioned, wiped, wiping) 

No Basic and advanced
sync:time_range Devices whose last policy sync was in the given time range sync:2017-03-23
No Basic and advanced
type:string Type of device type:android
No Basic and advanced
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