Schedule automatic synchronizations

After you successfully run a manual synchronization in Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), you can use a third-party scheduling software to automate future synchronizations.

Alternatively, you can Synchronize using the command line.

About automatic synchronizations

In most cases, an automatic synchronization runs every 1-6 hours. The exact timing will vary based on the number of users you have and how often you need to update them.

How you schedule synchronizations depends on your operating system:

  • For Microsoft® Windows®, use the Task Scheduler tool.
  • For Linux®, update the crontab file.
Note: These tools are third-party products and aren't supported by Google. To troubleshoot these tools, contact your system administrator.

Next steps

You should monitor all synchronizations by checking for any notification messages on a regular basis. See Set your notifications for more information.
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