What is synced?

Google Cloud Directory Sync

When you’re ready to sync with Google Cloud Directory Sync (GCDS), use the table below to decide what users, aliases, groups, and other data you want to include.

Groups and organizations

LDAP data Google Account Does it sync? Notes
Organizational units Organizational units For details, see Set the sync rules for your organizational units.
Mailing lists Groups

You can use Google Groups to control access to sites and documents. For details, see Sync mailing lists with Google Groups.

Google users can create private, user-managed groups that are not synchronized by GCDS.


LDAP data Google Account Does it sync? Notes
User User You can specify the attributes GCDS uses when synchronizing users. For details, see Define your user list.
User alias Email alias You can sync multiple LDAP directory user alias attributes with Google email aliases.
Extended user information User profile

Phone numbers, addresses, and other extended LDAP information can be synchronized to a Google user’s profile. For details, see Decide what user profile information to synchronize.

You can also use custom schemas to sync different types of user data, such as a specific organizational unit. For details see, Sync custom user fields using a custom schema.


LDAP data Google Account Does it sync? Notes
Rooms Calendar resources Calendar resources, such as meeting rooms, can be synchronized. For details, see Define your calendar settings.


LDAP data Google Account Does it sync? Notes
Contacts Shared external contacts A contact list in your LDAP server corresponds to your shared external contacts in your Google Account. If you sync shared contacts, your users can autocomplete these addresses when they use Gmail. For details, see Sync your shared contacts.
Personal contacts Contacts  

Not supported.

GCDS doesn’t synchronize personal contacts. If you want to import your users' personal contacts, try another migration tool. For details, see Migrate your organization’s data to Google Workspace.


LDAP data Google Account Does it sync? Notes
Passwords Passwords

Not all password formats are supported. For details, see Additional user attributes.

If you use Active Directory, you can use Password Sync to sync user passwords from Active Directory to your Google domain. For details, see Sync passwords with Active Directory.

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