Submit verification documents to reopen your account

Your Google Cloud billing account has been temporarily suspended since we were unable to verify your payment information

Reopen your account

We need make sure that you’re the authorized owner of the payment method you’ve provided to Google, so we’ll need scanned copies or digital images of:

  • A credit card, debit card, or bank statement

We securely store the documents you submit and use them only for account verification. We automatically delete all documents after 90 days.

After you submit verification documents

  • Your account will remain suspended until we complete the verification process.
  • Please do not attempt to create additional accounts during this time. Doing so may result in closure of the new accounts and delay the processing of your appeal.
  • We’ll notify you by email when the account review is complete.


* 필수 입력란

Must be the same email address associated with your Google Cloud Billing account.
올바른 이메일 주소를 입력하세요.

This is the 18-character alphanumeric Billing Account ID you’ll see in the subject of the email you received about temporary suspension of your account, for example 12A3BC-4DE56F-789GHI.

You can also find the Billing Account ID online:

  • Go to
  • Click “Show all accounts”
  • Find the account where the Status is “Closed”
  • Copy the 18-character alphanumeric Billing Account ID of that account.
Important: To protect your information, make sure only the last 4 digits of your card or account number are visible.
  • For scanned images or photos: Cover all numbers, except the last 4 digits, e.g. with a piece of paper or your finger.
  • For electronic statements: You can use editing software to cover all numbers except the last 4 digits. You could also print the document, cover the numbers, and then take a picture of it.
  • Make sure your name and photo are clearly visible (if present).

Note: As a security precaution, we will immediately delete any documents where your full account number is visible.

Make sure your name and photo are clearly visible (if present).$0
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