Notify Google of SLA Financial Credit Eligibility

For customers with a Silver, Gold or Platinum Cloud Platform Support Package: please create support tickets via the Google for Work Support Center. These tickets will be followed up on according to the target initial response times as explained in the Technical Support Services Guidelines.


將疑難排解資料提交給支援小組時,請確認您已移除所有機密資料,例如帳戶密碼、身分證字號、持卡人資料、機密業務資料或其他機密資訊。支援小組將遵循 Google 隱私權政策,使用疑難排解資料協助處理您的支援問題,並改善我們的服務。


This form should be used by customers with a Bronze support package for the following:

  • Notify Google of SLA financial credit eligibility as explained in our Service Level Agreements. (Note: these notifications must be submitted within 30 days from the time the customer becomes eligible to receive a financial credit.)
The Project ID can be found in the Google Cloud Platform Console, e.g., 'my-cloud-project'. 

Project ID must be between 6 and 30 characters, and only have lowercase letters, digits or hyphens.

The Billing account ID for Projects can be found on the Overview page of the Google Cloud Platform Console Billing Section. If you have more than one billing account, first select a billing account from the Billing accounts drop-down list at the top.
Please provide specifics of your request, e.g. description, question, or reason for SLA Financial Credit Request.
* 必填欄位
系統會將部分帳戶和系統資訊傳送給 Google。您提供的資訊可協助我們處理技術問題並改善服務品質。請放心,我們會依據《隱私權政策》和《服務條款》處理這些資訊。