Brazil Account Migration FAQ

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about migrating your existing GCP billing account with Google Inc. to a billing account with Google Cloud Brazil.

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Why should I migrate my billing account?

To better serve our Google Cloud Platform customers in Brazil, we are transitioning from USD to local currency payments. For Brazilian customers to pay in Brazilian reais, customers will need to migrate billing accounts from Google Inc. to Google Cloud Brasil Computação e Serviços de Dados Ltda.

Will I be able to pay in USD after migration?

No. Going forward all customers with a billing account address in Brazil will be billed in Brazilian reais (BRL), regardless of the GCP region being used.

What is the difference between my old billing account and new billing account?

Your old account was charged in USD by Google Inc. Your new account will be charged in BRL by Google Cloud Brasil Computação e Serviços de Dados Ltda.

Why do I need to give a Tax ID?

To comply with local law, Google Cloud Brazil is required to collect your Tax ID and charge in BRL.

Where can I see my pricing in BRL?

Brazilian customers can see GCP pricing in BRL on the Cloud Platform SKUs page.

I'm a Brazilian customer using GCP outside of Brazil, why did my pricing change?

Your pricing is inclusive of taxes and reflects a surcharge to account for the direct operating cost of providing services locally in Brazil. This is independent of what GCP region you choose.

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