Cloud Platform support

Google Cloud Platform offers a variety of ways to get support, including basic free support, billing support, paid support packages, and community support. For information about the types of support we offer, see our Support Plans. To learn about the communities available for Google Cloud Platform, see Community Support Overview.

Go to the Cloud Platform Support documentation.

Support during the Free Trial

During the Free Trial, you can request free technical support through Chat support in the console. After your Free Trial, upgrade to a paid support level (Role-Based or Enterprise) for continued support. Billing support is available for all customers at all times.

Billing support

Use the Billing Support Requests form to contact support with billing questions and a support representative will respond to you over email.

You can also refer to the Cloud Billing documentation.

Status dashboard

For service status and ongoing issues, see the Google Cloud Status Dashboard.

Google Maps Platform Support

All customers get free billing and technical support for Google Maps Platform. Customers can create a support case by filling out the form on the Google Maps Platform Support page in the Google Cloud Console. You can also refer to the Google Maps Platform documentation and FAQs.
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