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Google Cloud DNS is a high-performance, resilient, global Domain Name System (DNS) service.

To use DNS, open the left side menu of the console, select Networking (under Compute), and then open DNS.

Get started

Here are links to setup guides on

  • What is Cloud DNS? Learn about Cloud DNS API concepts, supported record types, access control, and propagation of changes.

  • Get started with Google Cloud DNS: This guide helps you complete prerequisites, create a managed zone and a record, and then move on to your next steps.

Developer resources

Here are links to developer resources on

Manage zones and domain nameservers

  • Manage zones: A managed zone is the container for all of your DNS records that share the same DNS name prefix, for example, Managed zones are automatically assigned a set of name servers when they are created to handle responding to DNS queries for that zone.

  • Manage records: Managing DNS records for the Google Cloud DNS API involves sending change requests to the API. These changes consist of additions and deletions to your resource record sets collection. 

  • Update your domain's name servers: This guide helps you look up your Cloud DNS name servers and change your domain registrar's name servers for your domain.



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