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Cloud Datastore is a schemaless NoSQL datastore in Google's cloud.

  • Applications can use Datastore to query your data with SQL-like queries that support filtering and sorting.

  • Datastore replicates data across multiple datacenters, which provides a high level of read/write availability.

  • Datastore also offers automatic scaling, strong consistency for reads and ancestor queries, eventual consistency for all other queries, atomic transactions, and no planned downtime.

Find Datastore in the left side menu of the console, under Storage.

Get started

Here are links to Cloud Datastore setup guides on

APIs, client libraries, gcd tool

  • Sign up: Learn the activation process for your setup and environment. This involves enabling the Google Cloud Datastore API, accessing the API (or an existing App Engine Datastore) from your platform, and enabling billing.

  • Download client libraries and the gcd tool: Download client libraries for Datastore (Node.js, Python, and the Java protocol buffer. Also, download the gcd tool, which is used to test your app locally and mange indexes for your production Datastore instance.

Get started with your programming language

Set up your environment, get service account credentials, and create and run your code.

Developer resources

Key Datastore concepts

Cloud Datastore API

Cloud Datastore tools


  • Community: Find forums to ask development questions and discuss issues with the developer community,

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