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Join a Google Cloud Platform community


Google sponsors and participates in several kinds of community venues. Whether you want to ask a specific technical question on Stack Overflow or chat with fellow users on the App Engine Google Group, members of the community as well as our support and engineering staff are here to help.

Please remember that while Google staff monitor these venues during their workday, if you need immediate help we recommend you file a support ticket. Anybody can open a Billing Support Case at any time, but for other issues we recommend you purchase the support contract which best meets your needs.

Billing support

If you have any sort of problem with billing or payments on your account, please create a Billing Support Case -- we can't ask you to buy a support contract if you cannot give us any money at all!


For specific technical questions -- things like "why won't this code work" or "how do I install Hadoop on GCE" -- we sponsor several tags on StackExchange. Within the limits of what StackExchange considers a good question, we suggest that you post your queries there: a large community of fellow enthusiasts, motivated by the desire for StackExchange reputation, is likely to produce a great answer. Of course, our engineers are also hungry for rep and will help out too.

Which site should you post to? StackExchange runs many sites. We can't tell you where to post, but we'll tell you where we hang out.

  • Stackoverflow: For Q&A around programming and development. Given the size of the community, this is a great default.
  • Serverfault: All about system and network  administration. If your question is about getting something working rather than writing new code, this site will be your best bet.

Which tag should you choose? Tagging is pretty central on StackExchange. We sponsor tags on StackOverflow and ServerFault. If a tag has a GCP logo by it, you can be assured we both sponsor and monitor it. On ServerFault, use the general google-cloud-platform sponsored tag to include and discuss questions about products without a more specific tag. 

Product StackOverflow ServerFault

Google Cloud Platform

google-cloud-platform google-cloud-platform
App Engine




Compute Engine google-compute-engine google-compute-engine
Container Engine google-container-engine
Container-Optimized OS google-container-image google-compute-engine
SQL google-cloud-sql google-cloud-platform
Storage google-cloud-storage
Datastore google-cloud-datastore
DNS google-cloud-dns google-cloud-platform
Data Analysis
BigQuery google-bigquery google-cloud-platform
Dataflow google-cloud-dataflow
Pub/Sub google-cloud-pubsub
Hadoop on Google
Cloud Platform
Translate API google-translate google-cloud-platform
Prediction API google-prediction
Endpoints google-cloud-endpoints
Tools & Integrations
Cloud SDK & gcloud



Source Repositories google-cloud-source-repos
Android Studio integration google-android-studio+google-cloud-platform
Eclipse Plugin google-plugin-eclipse
IntelliJ Integration gcloud-intellij
Visual Studio google-cloud-visualstudio
PowerShell google-cloud-powershell

Issue trackers

Perhaps you've heard of Bugzilla or Launchpad. Google also has issue trackers. Both feature requests and bug reports regarding our products should be submitted to our issue trackers.

If you have something to report, be sure to search existing issues first - it's easier to "star" or comment upon something we're already looking at.

Today, as with Chromium and Android, we track Cloud Platform issues on Google Code. Don't worry, before that site fades gently into the night we'll have a replacement ready. But for now, we need a place to keep track of the (many) things you've told us about.

Product Issue tracker
App Engine googleappengine
Compute Engine google-compute-engine
Cloud SQL googlecloudsql
BigQuery google-bigquery
Google Eclipse Plugin google-plugin-for-eclipse
Cloud SDK google-cloud-sdk
Android Studio android
Other Cloud Platform products google-cloud-platform

Many GCP projects publish code and libraries on GitHub. You can make bug reports and feature requests within the Github issue tracker for each project.

Developer Tool Integrations Github project
Google Eclipse Plugin     gcloud-eclipse-tools
IntelliJ Integration gcloud-intellij
Visual Studio google-cloud-visualstudio
PowerShell google-cloud-powershell
C# gcloud-dotnet
Go gcloud-golang
Java gcloud-java
Node.js gcloud-node
PHP gcloud-php
Python gcloud-python
Ruby gcloud-ruby

Feature requests

If you want Google Cloud Platform to do something new, you should file an issue. Be sure to explain why this new idea would be useful, and how it differs from what's possible today. If there's a great third-party solution that almost does what you're thinking, call that out too! Maybe we can work with that tool, but maybe we have to add a new hook for your idea to take off.


Sometimes things break. We've been doing a lot of work on Google Cloud, but unfortunately we break things too. Just as you can request new features on an issue tracker, you can point out, well, issues.

The best bug reports are the ones that can be reproduced by others in the community. If you post some strange behavior to StackOverflow or a discussion forum and two other users have the same issue, you've probably found a bug. But even if you're all alone with your problem we'll try to help you out and get the problem addressed.

Mailing lists and discussion groups

Still here? If you have something on your mind that's not a technical how-to question, and you're not sure if it is a bug report or feature request, then you need a place to talk about it. Need a book recommendation to get started? Trying to choose between frameworks? That's where the forums come in.

Within the bounds of common courtesy, questions and thoughts and meanderings which have to do with our various products should be brought onto our forums. Just as with the issue trackers and StackExchange, we do have folks from Google looking in. But their main purpose is to keep things civil and guide you to the right place when it's clear that you have found a bug, or when your vague idea has gelled enough that it's now a how-to question that could benefit from the many smart voices on StackOverflow.

  Discussion groups Announcement groups
App Engine


/r/appengine on Reddit

Compute Engine gce-discussion gce-operations
Cloud SQL google-cloud-sql-discuss google-cloud-sql-announce
Cloud Storage   gs-announce
Cloud Datastore gcd-discuss gcd-downtime-notify 
DNS cloud-dns-discuss cloud-dns-downtime-notify
Data Analysis  
BigQuery /r/bigquery on Reddit



Dataflow /r/dataflow on Reddit dataflow-announce
Translate API google-translate-api  
Prediction API prediction-api-discuss  
Pub/Sub cloud-pubsub-discuss  
Cluster Data API googleclusterdata-discuss  
Developer Tools  
Eclipse Plugin google-plugin-eclipse  
Cloud SDK google-cloud-dev  
Other Developer Tools google-cloud-dev

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