Testing at your home or office


Scheduled to take an online proctored exam? Make sure to avoid the following actions or conditions during the exam session. Any intentional or unintentional violation of security protocols during the exam may lead to the session being suspended and the rejection of the exam result. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reading the exam content out loud
  2. Talking out loud or speaking to another person in the room
  3. Leaving the view of the camera, loss of video, or poor video resolution that interferes with proctoring (Applicable to Online Proctored Exam)
  4. Using any test aid (e.g., book, paper, writing instrument, phone)
  5. Invalid keystroke (e.g., Print screen)
  6. Excessive background noise or other audio issues interfering with proctoring (Applicable to Online Proctored Exam)
  7. Other persons present in the secure testing area
  8. Any attempt or suspected attempt of test item theft
  9. Taking a picture of the provisional result while the webcam is on before exiting out of Sentinel. Your provisional exam result will display in your Webassessor account after the exam is completed.

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