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Identifying and Preventing Misconduct


We conduct a detailed investigation if an individual is suspected of violating the exam Terms and Conditions. This may involve gathering exam delivery records or other sources and collecting information from our exam delivery platform partners. Once an investigation has been completed, the Certification team decides on a course of action after confirming the misconduct based on the evidence. Corrective actions may include invalidating exam results, revoking certification, etc.


We ensure that the confidentiality of customer’s personally identifiable information (PII) is maintained throughout this process.


Examples of misconduct and/or misuse of the exam include but are not limited to:

  • Providing false or fraudulent identification
  • Providing or accepting improper assistance
  • Disseminating exam content by any means, including, but not limited to, web postings, formal or informal test preparation or discussion groups, reconstruction through memorization, or any other method
  • Having non-authorized items in your possession during an exam
  • Using unauthorized materials (including brain-dump material and/or unauthorized publication of exam questions with or without answers) to prepare for an exam
  • Making notes of any kind during an exam
  • Removing or attempting to remove exam material (in any format)
  • Intentionally causing a disturbance of any kind during an exam
  • Modifying and/or altering the results and/or score report for an exam or any other exam record
  • Circumventing Google Cloud’s exam retake policy
  • Misrepresentation of certification status
  • Misconduct as determined by statistical analysis
  • Unauthorized accessing of exam or exam content (including access of materials in forums, chat rooms, discussion groups, blogs, or other sharing sites with intent to circumvent exam procedures)

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