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All Google Cloud certification exams can be taken remotely using Kryterion’s online proctoring (OLP) service. Review the requirements and FAQs below before scheduling an online proctored exam.


Testing Space and Technical Requirements:

Review the test taker checklist and technical requirements. Watch this video to learn more about the testing space requirements and the online proctoring process.

Review the testing requirements and the do’s and don'ts before your exam day.

Make sure to avoid the following actions or conditions during the exam session. Any intentional or unintentional violation of security protocols during the exam may lead to the suspension of your session and the rejection of your exam result. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  1. Reading the exam content out loud
  2. Talking out loud or speaking to another person in the room
  3. Leaving the view of the camera, loss of video, or poor video resolution that interferes with the online proctoring process 
  4. Using a proxy test-taking service
  5. Using any test aid (e.g., book, paper, writing instrument, phone)
  6. Invalid keystroke (e.g., Print screen)
  7. Excessive background noise or other audio issues interfering with the online proctoring process
  8. Other persons present in the secure testing area
  9. Any attempt or suspected attempt of test content theft
  10. Taking a picture of the provisional result while the webcam is on before exiting out of the online proctoring security browser. Your provisional exam result will display in your Webassessor account after your exam session is completed.


ID Requirements:

You must provide your government-issued photo ID when checking in with the online testing proctor. Your legal first and last name must match the name on your government-issued photo ID. In case of a mismatch, you will not be allowed to take the exam, and your exam fee will be forfeited. To update your legal name before your scheduled exam date, please contact Google support.


Note about Proxy Testing:

If you are contacted by someone offering to take your exam for you, do not engage with representatives of these services. Using a proxy service is prohibited behavior per the Exam Terms and Conditions. If Google discovers that you have accepted such improper exam assistance, Google may suspend any exam you are taking, invalidate the results of any exam you have taken, invalidate and revoke any or all of your Certifications, and suspend or permanently bar you from participating in the Program.  Additionally, many of these services are scams and may take their money up-front with no intention to provide the service.


Have additional questions? Please review these FAQs:

Are remotely proctored certification exams open-book exams?

No, these are not open-book exams. You cannot use any notes or unauthorized materials while taking any Google Cloud exams. Your work area should be clear of all items except for your desktop computer or laptop. Using any unauthorized items during the exam will be flagged for misconduct, and:

  • You may be barred from taking or retaking any exam,
  • You may lose all Google Cloud certifications, and 
  • Google Cloud, in its sole discretion, may choose to terminate any applicable business relationship with you, if any.


What is the retake policy for online proctored exams?

The retake policy does not differ across delivery methods or exam languages. Each attempt, regardless of delivery method or language, counts toward the total permissible attempts, and the waiting period between attempts still applies. Circumventing this retake policy by registering under a different name or any other means is a violation of the exam terms and conditions and will result in a denied or revoked certification. The recertification policy is available here.


How long will it take to complete an online proctored exam?

After you start the exam, an online proctor will verify your identity, ensure the testing environment is secure, and then launch the exam. This should take about 5-8 minutes. Once the exam is launched, you will have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Please note that beta exams are allotted a time window of 3-4 hours. Please refer to the individual exam pages for more information. For beta exams, please refer to the information here.


Are breaks allowed during my exam session?

No breaks are allowed during your exam, and you should be prepared to take the exam in one sitting. Taking any break during the exam will result in the cancellation of the exam session and Google rejecting the exam result.


If you have any medical condition requiring a testing accommodation, you may request the accommodation(s) before your scheduled exam session. Please reach out to Google support at least 1-2 weeks prior to scheduling your online proctored exam to allow time for your request to be processed.


What happens if I am early/late for my scheduled exam session?

On the exam date, you may launch the test session 10 minutes prior and up to 20 minutes after your scheduled exam time. If you do not launch your exam during that window of time, the session will be automatically cancelled and you will forfeit the exam fee. You will need to re-register and pay for the exam again if you want to attempt the exam.


I am currently scheduled for an onsite exam. Can I switch to an online proctored exam (or vice-versa)?

Yes, you can switch to a different test delivery option (onsite or online). The exam price is the same, regardless of the delivery method. If you used a voucher, the voucher will remain valid for the registration of an exam with a different test modality (onsite or online). See the instructions below regarding the timelines for canceling and registering for an exam without penalty.

Onsite to online

To switch the exam delivery method from onsite testing to online proctored, cancel your onsite proctored exam at least 72 hours before your scheduled exam time to get a full refund, and then re-register for an online proctored exam. You can do this using the self-service interface in Webassessor. 

Online to onsite

To switch the exam delivery method from online proctored to onsite testing, cancel your exam 24 hours before your scheduled exam time to get a full refund, and then re-register for an onsite proctored exam. You can do this using the self-service interface in Webassessor.

I will be unable to take the exam on the scheduled date and time. How can I reschedule?

You can reschedule your exam up to 24 hours before your scheduled exam time by logging in to your Webassessor account. If you reschedule your exam less than 24 hours before your scheduled exam time, you will be charged a late rescheduling fee. If you cancel your exam less than 24 hours before your exam time, you will incur a late cancellation fee.

Google Cloud recognizes that certain circumstances are beyond your control and can impact your ability to meet the terms of registration. Only exceptional circumstances may be available for full or partial refund. For extenuating circumstances, please contact us. Valid supporting documentation will be required to receive a refund. Requests are reviewed and full or partial refunds will be granted at Google’s discretion.


I encountered technical difficulties while taking an online proctored exam. Should I re-register and schedule my exam on a different date and time?

Neither Google nor our testing vendor, Kryterion, is responsible for any unsuccessful session due to poor internet connectivity, low bandwidth at the testing site, or the candidate’s inability to meet the system and technical requirements before the exam session launch. A Kryterion technician will attempt to restart your exam session, but if the session cannot be immediately restarted and you have been exposed to exam content, the attempt will count and the retake policy will remain in effect. If you wish to re-register for a future exam session, please do so in Webassessor after the cool-off period has ended. The exam attempt policy is outlined here. Payment is required each time you register for an exam.


I am unable to complete my exam due to technical difficulties. Who do I contact?

For any issues connecting with the online proctor or technical issues during the exam, please chat with Kryterion’s technical support team or send them an email.


What resources am I allowed to use during an online proctored exam?

Your testing space must be free of resources, including but not limited to external monitors, scratch paper, writing instruments, note-taking materials, smart devices, wearables, food, or water, for the duration of your exam session.


Will the online proctor see my surroundings?

As part of the online proctoring of each exam, Google or its authorized agent, may record and/or watch a live webcast of your exam session (including your immediate surroundings), may communicate with you, and may record your exam to ensure proper security. Review the exam Terms and Conditions to find more details regarding the personal information collected, its usage, and storage of information related to the Google Cloud Certified Program. Online proctored exams are not for everyone. If you are not comfortable with an online proctor, please schedule your exam at a test center.

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