Beta Certification Exams


Beta certification exams are newly developed assessments that are opened to a smaller audience before being available to the general public. Beta exams contain a large pool of questions, and not all of the questions will meet psychometric standards for use on the generally available (GA) exam. We analyze the performance of the questions presented in beta exams and use these statistics to create the final exam. Therefore, beta exams, which can take up to twice as long to complete as a final (GA) exam, are an extremely important part of exam development.

Beta exams are available for a very short period of time. Please check the certification website for availability of beta exams. If you currently have an Associate or Professional certification, be sure to join the Google Cloud Certified Community. This community is the best place for Google Cloud certified individuals to be notified of upcoming betas.

Why should you consider taking a beta exam? 

  • Be among the first participants in the world to get access to the new or refreshed exam content.
  • Receive a 40% discount off the retail price of the final exam. 
  • Provide question-level feedback and comment on the exam content and the user experience in general. These comments are extremely helpful in evaluating question statistics, and help us provide the best user experience for our test takers.
  • Experience the same exam registration and exam delivery platform as the final exam.
  • Receive all certification benefits by passing a beta exam.


How much is the beta exam registration fee?

All beta exams are discounted 40%. Please refer to the individual exam pages for exam-specific beta registration cost details.

How much time will it take to complete a beta exam?

Beta exams are longer than the final version of the exam. You will be allocated 3–4 hours to complete the exam. Please refer to the individual exam pages for more information.

Are there training prerequisites to taking a beta certification exam?

No. There are currently no prerequisites to taking a Google Cloud beta certification exam. For more details, please refer to the exam guide webpages for each certification.

How do I Register for the Beta Exam?

  1. Log in to your Webassessor account here and select “Register for an Exam.”
  2. Expand the “Google Cloud Certification Pilot and Beta Exams” catalog and select the appropriate Beta exam.
  3. Schedule your preferred date and time to take the Beta exam.

When will I receive my beta exam results?

Test takers taking beta exams don’t receive the exam results right away. The exam records are scored after the beta exam period ends, and exam results are typically available 6 to 10 weeks after the beta closes. All beta participants are notified of their results at the same time after the beta period is complete.

What happens if I don't pass the beta certification exam?

Beta participants are only allowed one attempt on the beta exam. If you don't pass the beta exam, you must wait for the final version of the exam to open to the general public to take the exam again. Failing a beta exam does not count toward the total number of allowable attempts of the final exam (4 attempts), which is outlined in our recertification policy.

Are beta certification exams available in other languages?

Beta exams are available globally in English only.

Will I receive section-level feedback for the beta certification exam if I don’t pass?

No, section-level feedback is only available for generally available (GA) certification exams.

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