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General Preparation


Hands-on real world experience is critical to preparing for Google Cloud certification exams


To advance your preparation, we recommend a variety of training resources listed on the specific exam pages. Completing the foundational training can provide you with knowledge of Google’s recommended best practices, thus filling the technical knowledge gap. The training can improve your success on the job as well as certification assessments. 


Note that completing the training is not required to fulfill certification requirements. 


Our certifications are an indicator of proficiency with our technology; it is counter-productive for us to publish explicit test preparation materials that are intended to improve success on the exam without necessarily transferring the required skills. For this reason, we develop our training materials independently of our certification exams. However, our curriculum and our exams share the same Job Task Analysis (JTAs) to ensure that both curriculum and certification teams are focusing on the same skills and job role definition.


Find the recommended training resources for each certification exam on our website

Review the learning path on the Google Cloud training page.


Note that the training courses provided by our partners are foundational in nature. The recommended resources might not by themselves be sufficient for test preparation for test takers at different points in their careers with varying experiences and knowledge levels.

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