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Vouchers & Discounts


What is a voucher?

A voucher is a single-use, individually-coded, date-sensitive discount defined as a flat dollar amount or a percentage. Vouchers are valid only for a specific exam or group of exams (e.g., Associate and Professional), are exam language specific, and may be assigned to a specific user and therefore can only be redeemed by that user. Voucher codes may also be assigned to users with a specific email domain or in a specific country. Redemption must occur by the specified expiration date associated with the voucher(s). 


How can I purchase voucher codes in bulk?

Voucher codes can be purchased directly from Kryterion ($1,000 minimum). Visit for more information and to download an order form.


Can I have a voucher code when I renew my certification?

On or around 60 days before expiration you will receive notification that your certification will expire soon. In this notification you will be issued a 50% discount voucher code that can be applied to your recertification attempt. Notification emails will be sent to the primary email address you entered into Webassessor during your initial exam registration.


Do you offer voucher codes for students?

Students who complete the faculty-facilitated Google Cloud Career Readiness program are eligible to receive a discounted (50%) exam attempt of the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam only. To ensure exam readiness and eligibility for an exam discount, students must complete the requirements of the Google Cloud Career Readiness program below. 


All students must have completed the following to be eligible for a certification voucher:

1. Create and Manage Cloud Resources 

2. Perform Foundational Infrastructure Tasks in Google Cloud

3. Set Up and Configure a Cloud Environment in Google Cloud

4. Build and Secure Networks in Google Cloud

5. Deploy to Kubernetes in Google Cloud

After you have completed the Coursera specialization and the required Qwiklabs quests, submit the Application for Certification Voucher. As part of the application, you must provide the URLs for the Coursera specialization and your Qwiklabs public profile. Be sure to apply with the same email you used as part of the program.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, your application will be approved and the certification voucher will be emailed to you within 7 business days.

If your faculty or program are not currently participating in the Google Cloud Career Readiness program, please ask your faculty to apply. Faculty can enroll their students into the program.


Do you offer voucher codes for veterans?

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs recognizes the Associate Cloud Engineer, Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Professional Cloud Developer exams as reimbursable certification tests for veterans who qualify. After attempting the exam and receiving results, you may apply for reimbursement using VA Form 22-803. Additional information about this benefit is available on the Licensing and Certification page of the GI Bill website.


If I need to reschedule my exam, will I be able to reuse the voucher I used in my original registration?

If you use a voucher for an exam, but fail to sit for the exam or cancel the exam outside of the exam reschedule window, the voucher code is considered “consumed” and cannot be reused. However, you may use the same voucher code to reschedule your exam before the reschedule window closes (72 hours before an onsite exam or 24 hours for an online exam).


I am getting an error message (e.g., "Invalid Promotion Code" ) when I try to redeem the voucher, why is that?

A few ways to troubleshoot:

  • Confirm that when you copy/paste your voucher into the system, you didn’t copy additional spaces or a period.
  • Confirm that your code is valid for the language of the exam you have selected.
  • Confirm that your code is valid for the exam you have selected.

If you still have issues, please contact Google support here.

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