About ChromeOS Flex updates

ChromeOS Flex follows the same release cycle as ChromeOS.

Staged rollouts

Staged ChromeOS Flex rollouts slow down the rate of a release so that Google and users have more time to share feedback, react to issues, and adjust the release, if needed. Staged rollouts are especially helpful for updates with significant changes or updates that require more change management than usual.

ChromeOS Flex devices in your organization automatically contact the update server to check for updates. The server might or might not immediately provide the update, depending on how many devices recently requested updates. Updates might take one to two weeks to reach all users. Users are notified when their update is installed and available.

What if users want to update right away?

If users want to receive an update right away, they can manually request the update. For details, see Update your Chromebook's operating system.

Smart Update Filtering

With Smart Update Filtering, the update server checks to see if the ChromeOS Flex device has hardware components that are known to have severe issues on the requested version of ChromeOS Flex. If a match is found, the update server adjusts which update is provided, or defers the update entirely until the issue can be avoided.

What kind of severe issues does the filter prevent?

Google prevents updates on devices with critical bugs only—such as devices that can’t boot, or devices with severe graphics or internet connectivity issues.

Why does ChromeOS Flex use Smart Update Filtering?

Google aims to provide regular predictable releases that are stable and reliable across the wide variety of hardware we support. We use a single, unified OS image for all devices. From time to time, if an issue that impacts only a small number of devices is found, there might be a conflict between timing and stability.

By blocking updates on a targeted set of hardware, we can release versions of ChromeOS Flex for the majority of devices. In parallel, we can work to resolve issues that impact only a few devices. After an issue is resolved, we might patch the version and provide updates for previously blocked devices.

Devices with update filters

  • Advantech ARK-DS520
  • Advantech DS-570
  • Dell Latitude E6420
  • Dell Latitude E6510
  • HP Compaq 6000 Pro
  • Justice Tech Securebook 5.0

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