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How video calls work

Overview of using Chrome devices for meetings

To join a video call using Chrome devices for meetings simply enter the meeting name or code using the Chromebox for meetings remote control or tapping the touchscreen on the Chromebase for meetings. If you have a G Suite account, you can schedule video calls using Google Calendar and collaborate using other G Suite services. Even if you don’t, you can still invite guests, share your computer screen, and more.

This article provides an overview of what you can do. To set up your own video call, see Use Chrome devices for meetings.

All you need is a domain name

You don't need a G Suite account to use Chrome devices for meetings. All you need is to own your own domain name, as in When you purchase your device, we'll ask you to verify your domain. After that, you're ready to use your Chromebox or Chromebase for meetings.

Start video calls between devices
  • Chromebox for meetings—To join an unscheduled meeting, enter the meeting name or code using the remote control. For details see Join an unscheduled meeting.
  • Chromebase for meetings— Use the touchscreen to enter the meeting name or code.

Here's a quick introduction to Chromebox for meetings.

Named video calls with Google Chromebox for meetings

Invite users to join a video call

You can invite people who have a Gmail account, and they must join the meeting from that account. You can also allow anyone to join using a URL link.  They can click the link or enter it in a browser, and will be prompted to enter their name when they click the link to request access. They do not need a Google Account.

Note: Someone in your organization must allow or decline an uninvited external guest who tries to join a call with the meeting link.

  • After the classic Hangouts video call starts, you select Invite People. Learn more
  • After the Meet video call starts, copy the meeting details and send them to those you want to invite. Learn more
Share your screen

You can share your screen to present content during the video call. For example, you can share a presentation or look at figures in a spreadsheet. Learn more

Schedule video calls from Outlook

To schedule a call with other Microsoft® Outlook® users, use the Hangouts plug-in for Outlook. Organizations that don't have a G Suite account (and use Outlook) can use it as well. Learn more

Do more with a G Suite account

If you have a G Suite account, you can:

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