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How to update built in Chromecast version How do I update built in chromecast version on my tv
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Chromebook CAST does not show my chromecast AUDIO devices. Only shows chromecast TV device. Chromebook CAST does not show my chromecast AUDIO devices. Only shows chromecast TV device. I have a…
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Have tried multiple times to cast from my Pixelbook to the latest gen Chromecast without success. All the other devices in the home work fine - pixel phone, chromebook - no issues with these. Have rebooted the chromecast device, rebooted my router, nothing works. Engaged with Google help via chat .... and was ultimately told "we'll get back to you with help". Still waiting for that call/email. Anyone have any ideas? Can't cast from Pixelbook to Chromecast Ultra. IPDAUTE W114RT Stice usb i have in others rome now all stuff been deleted i wanna to update it thank you
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Instead of ssying "Hey Google" can I change to just saying " HAL"?, Change Hey Google to just HAL. Hi, since the last chrome update, chrome fails to cast tabs. It will cast the desktop and youtube. I've restarted both the CPU and the chromecast. The problem remains. it gives an error message: "fai… piece of shit barley ever fucking works reset multiple times
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Sound is distorted or garbled at the beginning of each Pandora song whenplaying on multiple speakers I have 12 different audio devices around my house to which I can cast music. I have Chromecast audio…
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videos are loading very very slowly and lagging, stopping, buffering, and the sound when casting through my Vizio smart t.v, off and on will sound really messed up. almost like techno music or tike a robot voice. very bizarre. Also, EXTREMELY irritating to have to deal with every time when streaming videos through the "movie Free Stream" Extention from the chrome store how can I resolve this in a timely manner? not sure 100% if I'm on the 1st or snd Gen Chrome OS Optimalkan terus biyar tambah maju Terima kasih untuk aplikasi ini
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