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Updated: This month
Any plans to pass through Hi-Res (96/24) audio with chromecast ultra> When I cast Hi-Res music (96/24) to chromecast Ultra it down samples the output to 48/16(24). Is the…
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Chrome cast causing other inputs to flicker on tv. When using a different input on tv the screen will go black or screen will tear every 5-10 mins somt…
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Subtitles glitch in Chromecast Ultra / Netflix Sometimes (like 1 out of 100 sentences) subtitles from Netflix are glitched like shown in the next i…
0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 11 Upvotes
how do i update a JVC chromecast built in tv? when casting from amazon prime app, it tells me to update my chromecast but i cannot find a way to u…
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"chromecast can't use "landscape" view while smart view is on or while using an hdmi connection" I'm simply trying to mirror my Galaxy S9 Plus screen in landscape mode while using the built in "Cam…
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Watching kayo through my chromecast ultra, bitrate is very unstable I have an nbn fibre to the home connection with stable 22mbps. I can stream netflix through my TV at…
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chromecast dolby atmos When I connect the chromecast ultra device to the Yamaha AVR which supports Dolby Atmos, can I trans… Does anyone have a Chromecast Ultra with 1000mbps Link Speeds? Hi Guys, Recently I got a new Chromecast Ultra delivered which was included in the Stadia package. N… What software can be added to your mobile device in order to reduce buffering while casting. Cast to smart TV, but elliminate buffering. Cannot connect to wi-fi. message P6A3 My internet provider has changed. message says can't connect to wi-fi
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 6 Upvotes
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