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Chromecast ² vs TP-Link wr941hp I'm also having issues with TP-Link wr941hp. It doesn't connect after setting up Chromecast. Or, aft… The parameter "code" or "error" must be set in the query string. Getting this message when putting in the activation code....."The parameter "code" or "error" must b…
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Chromecast Audio digital optical output not working but analog 3.5 mm works fine; how to fix? I tested cable and AV receiver to exclude these from being at fault. The issue is clearly with the C…
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Twitch error: [ErrorNotSupported source: Unspecified code:4] Twitch error: [ErrorNotSupported source: Unspecified code:4] Casting some twitch streams to Chromeca…
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About a week ago all my Chromecasts (gen 2) started taking a really long time to connect About a week ago all my chromecasts (2nd gen) started taking a really long time to connect, regardle…
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Way to cast something from your device and then leave the session without stopping the casting? Example, play something for the kids on the tv from my phone, and then leave that session to watch s…
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Why can't reliably connect to generation 1 chromecast using Android 9? I have a 1st gen chromecast which and we've been using it fine for years. Since we've moved to Andro…
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What do I need to do to chromecast from youtube running on windows 10S to my TV? Installed "Cast to Chromecast application V" on Windows 10S. It only seems to cast files. My…
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How to change audio language in chromecast device from sender app how can I set the audio of video (if the video has multiple language tracks available). I have tried… Is it possible to cast to a TV from phone (or iPad) and keep the audio on the phone (or iPad)? I have searched settings but can’t see that it is possible to alter audio output. Netflix video without audio on Google chromecast Some netflix videos (apps on iPhone and iPad) are without audio when sent to google chromecast on TV…
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