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Why am I still getting ads on the Chromcast with YouTube Premium? I have YouTube Premium and have used it with the Chromecast perfectly fine for months. Today I am ge… Hbo go black stripe instead of subtitles? 3rd gen chromecast hbo go latin america Hi, Since 2 days ago my chromecast shows a black stripe instead of subtitles. Have already factory r… Pandora not casting Whenever I try to cast Pandora to my TV (the App on my phone or via Home), I get the Pandora screen … How do I force an update on an older chromecast? I’m not being prompted on the home app. I set up an older chromecast and I’m trying to cast from the Prime Video app but it’s saying that an…
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ios public beta 13. home app no longer can detect my local devices,google home,minis or chromecast after ios public beta 13 install now my google home app will no longer show any of my minis,google h… Netflix crashes whem streaming on my chromecast ultra. It only happens on Netflix, not YouTube etc. Whenever streaming Netflix on my chromecast ultra the movie/series freezes after random amountes of …
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Can't get Chromecast to mirror screen via the app or any app I'm sure this is fully explained somewhere as I'm aware that it's a common issue, however im unable …
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Why does my CCA consistently stutter and drop out after 5 minutes of playback? I have been enjoying streaming my iTunes ( library from my MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012 ru…
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Unable to get dd 5.1 sound from chromecast in any app I have tried casting videos with 5.1 surround sound to my CC Ultra from many different apps such as …
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Updated: Yesterday
Casting from oculus quest vr headset From the Oculus quest vr headset, casting to my iphone is fine, but trying to cast from the phone to…
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Chromecast Audio weird connection issue My mum has been using Chromecast Audio to listen to her favourite radio station for over a year with…
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Chrome cast suddenly not working properly Chrome cast suddenly stops casting but still connected on mobile phone and shows some times
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You people don't answer questions anyway, so what should I ask anything! What have I tried? I tried to get answers from SOMEONE OR ANYONE, and no answers what so ever! And F…
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Cant cast bt sports from my android phone just says ready to cast on the tv and no media selected I have set up my chromecast and YouTube plays no problem,but when I try to cast from my bt sports ap…
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Help with audio getting out of sync with video when casting youtube? I've been using Chromecast since day one, but in the last few months I've had problems with the audi…
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When I cast live TV app (IPTV) from my android phone in Full HD format I get a distorted video on TV Hello everyone! I'm using an IPTV m3u file to watch live tv on my android phone. When I try to cast …
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I have a problem with hbo go for cast any series and movies Some movies and series I can cast on my chromecast very well using HBO GO, but other I can't cast. T…
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Netflix audio delay on Chromecast When playing Netflix through Chromecast, via Google home, there is an audio delay which worsens over…
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Element smart tv is smarter thsn me Element smart tv 📺
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Flaky Cast Detection with No Device Found when Casting from IPad Youtube it is a hit and miss when casting from the IPad Youtube app. Sometimes you are lucky and the cast bu…
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