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Updated: Yesterday
It is not your right to stop the casting coz of covid-19. This reflects your low abilities! I need Now i found that I cannot cast from my mobile to my screen as i did usually. I read a note that it u…
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How can i connect my phone to the television Trying to connect my phone into the television
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Screen mirroring from Zoom app on Android casts video but not sound - Chromecast Ultra Moto X4 Android phone; Chromecast Ultra. When I'm on a Zoom meeting and try to cast the screen to LG… Can screencast from phone to my TV via a cheap bluray player but not via chromecast ultra. Help? Bought a new chromecast ultra. it works fine for hbomax app, etc, but the whole purpose of the devic…
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Don't c cast button symbol on my phone Try to find the Cast button icon on my phone
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On screen mirroring only google home page is displayed to TV other screens are not getting casted. On my mob installed google home it finds out MI box to which I mirror my screen. It just shows the G…
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My Chromecast U is configurated using SG9 android but I can't get the sound and picture synchronised Every step from the beginning over and over again, microphone is on, disconnected my stereo, connect…
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Google home cant connect to chromecast I connect my chromecast to my tv Welcome screen appear I start google home Google home finds chromec…
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Tipo de puerto ethernet chromecast ultra? Qué tipo de puerto ethernet tiene el chromecast ultra? No consta gigabit en las especificaciones, pu…
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Gen 1. we got new internet provider and the screen says ready to cast but no device found on phone New internet provider and ever since no device found and reset everything. Wallpaper is up everythin…
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I unlinked my chrimecast because of connection issues how can i find and link it again Turned it off .. Thought I reset it but nothing is helping. It says reconnect me on the screen and c…
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I'm not getting any confidence on casting devices and I need to know what is the best product please I'm not yet bought anything so I'm trying to get the advice to help me get the best device
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network problem, my chrome cast not connecting to the wifi i am trying to setup chromecast, i am unable to do it. i have very good wifi connection still my chr…
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Koppla in en ethernet adapter då fick jag två svarta kanter en uppe en nere typ 10cm HAR Ställt om bildlägena får inte bort det
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Chromecast Ultra disconnects from Media App My chromecast stops playing media abruptly (youtube, spotify, Netflix, etc). When the media stops it…
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