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Updated: This month
Our video and audio is stuttering. We are casting from an Hp laptop. Our video and audio are stuttering. Our internet speed seems to be the same. No other changes. We di…
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our issue: chromecast version 1 not recognized by Google Home App; did factory reset, LED is white power good, TV shows "do setup", blinking white LED, factory reset went well I can't get it to get hooked up to emerson tv I got it plugged in the tv but not getting any to go thru
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Screen freeze on blue and text, end the phone doesn't find the devise After I did the reset and reconnect to the wifi, instead of those images on the screen all I see is …
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Mfg: 10/2017 The NETFLIX or AMAZON PRIME or hotstar movies audio is very low when connected and casto in TV, in s…
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Oppo a73 5g non ottimizzato per la condivisione Oppo a73 5g non idoneo alla condivisione
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My first gen Chromecast was working today morning and when I got home it didn't switch on. I have tried resetting it by unplugging it however the light on the side of the chromecast doesn't s…
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Why does Google Home app continue to select it's own images for ambient mode slideshow? After creating a photo album and selecting it with Home app to cast as screen background/slideshow i…
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Hotel tv with built-in chromecast is connected, but can’t access the internet Get to the password portal for hotel WiFi on toshiba built-in chromecast tv
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Chromecaste volume problem is getting this can cause hearing damage if I'm using earphones Chromecaste launches itself at full volume if I'm using headphones this can cause damage to my heari…
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imola Inviato DEVO collegarmi con cromocat 8
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