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Updated: Yesterday
I cannot get past the “ Tap the cast button and select Den TV” it’s just frozen. I cannot get passed the demo mode to set up my chrome cast from my iPhone. It says to select the dev…
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Chromecast Google TV remote not working to control Google TV after initial sync. After the initial sync and TV being off for a couple hours, the Chromecast Remote no longer works to… Chromecast w/ Google TV Video stutters intermittently with frame drops I am not casting via any device -- just watching directly on the Netflix and Youtube app on the Chro… Hdhomerun HEVC will not work. crash or no audio is there a fix. I've gone through a few settings I'm just trying to find out whether or not Chromecast with Google T…
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In the event of an internet outage, I would like the ability to cast from devices co-located on LAN. Recently I had a lengthy internet outage but was able to download a movie from Netflix to my phone u…
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Chromecast 3rd Gen has rounded corners and borders After updating to Preview firmware 1.49.220167 the screen output now has rounded corners and a black… Google Chromecast with Google TV 2020 - Kogan TV not in the TV list for Remote Button Set Up My Kogan TV brand in Australia is not on the TV Remote Setup List for the new 2020 Google Chromecast…
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New chromecast with google tv keeps turning off it's wifi and I have to manually turn it back . Just got my new chromecast Saturday and I've noticed that it keeps turning off it's wifi. I have to …
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