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Updated: This week
How much data would the chromecast use to cast a video from google photos on my phone? I have some videos I want to cast from google photos but have limited data, Does anyone know how muc…
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Why has volume control disappeared when casting to a Chromecast? I'm having to change Chrome Flags to revert the UI back to the old system. Why would an update remov…
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Ambient Mode stopped working (Android TV) Original Issue: This afternoon, Chromecast stopped showing Ambient Mode on my Android TV. The backgr…
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اتصل بكروم كاست وعند الإنتهاء يتعذر الاتصال تأكيد من انهم على نفس الوايفي ابرمج الكروم كاست وافصل التيار الكهربائي وثم اشغلهافاتصل بها يظهر على الشاشه ثم اتابع التعليمات ويتص…
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Why didn't google develop a projection authorization method on chromecast? I would like to implement chromecast at the company I work for as a projection solution for notebook…
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Suddenly Google Home Devices are crashing my router and internet I'm at my wit's end here, and really starting to get angry with Google. I have 3 Minis, 1 Insignia S…
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Can I broadcast video to my chromecast, and broadcast its sound to chromecast audio or Google home? I've tried creating a group of speakers but you can't cast video to the group
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Is there any way to stop others on my network from casting to my device? I am trying to limit who has access to my personal Chromecast in my room because I have annoying roo… can i use chrome cast on Samsung LCD Monitor with HDMI port - Model code LT23A350MO/ZR. I have Samsung LCD monitor with HDMI port , i wan to know is this Model LT23A350MO/ZR, compatible to…
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Ikheb nooit gebruikt wel smart tv in huis nog nooit gebruikt Ik heb net gezien dat ik films, programma's etc. Via chromecast gekeken zou hebben, ik zou niet wete…
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