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Updated: Today
After updating MI TV 4A Pro to Android 9 screen mirroring is not working from Asus M1 Chromecast version in the TV is 1.36. I have reset the TV but didn't work. During screen mirroring i…
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No audio when casting movies video from the YouTube app or play movies and TV app. I tied to Unplug the chromcast. Switch off the TV. Checked the sound on the TV and my phone. Restart…
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Hubo un corte de energía eléctrica,ahora no puedo conectar mi Chromecast porque me genera una señal Reinicie mi Chromecast, reinicie mi wifi y hasta mi celular, siga los pasos nuevamente desde el prin…
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My Mac Pro and Chrome doesn't find my chromecast anymore. I had OS High Sierra but suddenly I can't find my chromecast, I tried with other Mac Pro's and all work perfectly. I have been strggleing for several days and had tried everything: Upgrade my OS to Mojave, upgrade my Chrome version, reinstall Chrome, check if my chrome cast and laptop are in the same wifi, disable antivirus and VPN's, disable my firewall, checked my chrome flags, and nothing works, I talked yesterday with the chromecast team and they have no clue about it. Please advice Chromecast and Mac Pro not connecting
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Newbie question I connected a Chromecast to my TV and the main thing I want to do is play Youtube videos. I did the …
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blackground image lost I customized the background image from google album, the picture I defined disappeared and changed b…
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Chromecast Ultra connect via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi I am using a Chromecast Ultra. On initial setup the Chromecast connected to the internet via Etherne…
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Hbo go black stripe instead of subtitles? 3rd gen chromecast hbo go latin america Hi, Since 2 days ago my chromecast shows a black stripe instead of subtitles. Have already factory r… Closed Caption - Subtitles do not appear on TV when casting from Google Chrome Reset the Chromecast - removed power from Chromecast
0 Recommended Answers 18 Replies 45 Upvotes
Updated: Yesterday
YouTube Casting Resolution Hey I have a Chromecast gen 3 and whenever I Cast YouTube videos they go to what feels like 480p Lik…
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Is it possible to set default volume on Chromecast? I have a Cromecast connected to my tv hdmi port and every morning when I cast something to it the vo…
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how to equilibrate volumes between apps When I cast from google play, netflix or spotify, the volume is not the same because the apps are no…
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Can i use my mobile phone as a hot spot for chromecast if there is no wifi? I'm asking before I buy to take away on holiday Chromecast is not displaying subtitles when running movies Subtitles are displayed when using Chromecast. How to cast subtitles??
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Cromecast ultra power adaptor not working my cromecast ultra power adaptor is not working. where can i buy a new adaptor?
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Hello, from my Iphone I can play content, but from my Android the symbol does not appear. Hola, desde mi iPhone puedo reproducir contenido sin problemas desde aplicaciones compatibles, pero …
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When I try to trasmit a photo the TV video becomes blank a Chromecast disconnects. Google Foto doesn't work with Chromecast. When I try to trasmit a photo the TV video becomes blank a…
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my Chromecast Ultra has to be hard reset every time after power is disconnected. After unplugging Ultra in order to use it on different TVs, I have to hard reset it. It seems like e…
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Casting notification brings up wrong device when tapped. When I am casting to my Chromecast, I see a notification on my phone, the cast control notification … Instead of ssying "Hey Google" can I change to just saying " HAL"?, Change Hey Google to just HAL.
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