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Sound is distorted or garbled at the beginning of each Pandora song whenplaying on multiple speakers 0 Recommended Answers 10 Replies 5 Upvotes
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I have 12 different audio devices around my house to which I can cast music. I have Chromecast audio devices, several Google Minis and a Sony receiver with built-in Chromecast. I’ve set up multiple configurations of speakers and often will cast songs to “Indoor speakers” (all speaker systems inside my house). When I cast Pandora to this group, it plays beautifully, but then when it changes songs, the Sony receiver doesn’t play the first few seconds of the song (I can hear it playing in other rooms, then it gets picked up on the Sony receiver) and sometimes, actually quite often, the first few seconds of each song sounds garbled, like some sort of digital distortion. All of this is very brief and after the first few seconds of each song, it plays beautifully. But sometimes, those first few seconds are either missing on my Sony receiver or garbled throughout the house. Anyone else have this issue and if so, is there a solution? Thanks.
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Replying to myself - I have a Sony TV and Sony Receiver. Apparently, neither of them auto-update when Google pushes out updates to their firmware - the TV and AVR manufacturers are responsible for it. My TV is running cast version 1.33.128811 and my receiver is runnng Cast firmware version: 1.21.76349. I’m guessing the older cast firmware is what’s causing the garbled sounds and the delay in songs getting to the Sony Receiver. Not to self: don’t buy big-ticket items with Chromecast built into them because they are not properly supported. This is a MAJOR flaw in their rollout strategy, IMHO. On the plus side, I love how the receiver just switches to what I’m casting, but hate that it’s garbled at the beginning of every song. I’m considering getting a separate Chromecast audio and connecting it to a different input to bypass the internal Chromecast (not sure that will work, but might be worth a try).
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Keep in mind that the Chromecast TV device and Chromecast Audio device is not supported to cast audio simultaneously.
Plus, the Chromecast TV device is not supported on an AVR device, only a TV display.
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Not related. Sorry. I don’t cast to the TV and AVR simultaneously. I mentioned both because I was checking to see what the firmware version was on each of these Sony devices. The TV has a newer version installed than the AVR has and there’s nothing I can do to update the receiver. Having said all that, I don’t think that’s the problem now because the garbled sound at the beginning of each Pandora song happens on all my speaker systems when I cast to them at the same time. I’m going to try some other tests to see if I can isolate what causes it, but so far, I jut don’t know. Thanks for responding.
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Also, I’m not sure what you mean by this: Chromecast TV device is not supported on an AVR device, only a TV display. It’s a Sony TV connected to a Sony AVR. Both have built in Chromecasts - no Chromecast “devices.” Does that make a difference to your comment?
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Trying to bump this up. It’s still happening, mainly when I cast to several speakers in a group, but only at the beginning of each song. Any suggestions?
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I am having the same exact problem. First few seconds garbled then plays fine. I have 10 speakers throughout the house
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Same issue here. I have about 15 devices along with Google WiFi. It's been happening for several months. I thought Google would have fixed it by now.
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Same problem here, has been happening on and off for months... I've already check and re-checked all connections and contacted my ISP multiple times to help isolate the issue with no luck...

Additionally more recently, the garbled audio happens periodically during playback, often to the point that it becomes unbearable and I end up casting to just one device (my home AVR via HDMI) instead of the Audio Groups that include multiple devices.  Casting to just one device, the issue immediately goes away - this only seems to affect Audio Groups with multiple devices...  VERY annoying to say the least!

For reference, my setup is:
1 x AVR w/ Chromecast HDMI (2nd or 3rd gen, whichever was first to support Audio Groups)
3 x Google Home Mini (Bathroom, Back Patio, Kitchen)
1 x Chromecast Audio (Bedroom)
2 x Chromecast HDMI to other TV's but they are older and don't support the Audio Groups so no issue there.

Come on Google, we've all been through every troubleshooting and "tinker with this and that" step yet this issue persists.
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I'm having the same issue! My chromecast ultra is less than 1 month old and is connected to my Sony receiver via HDMI. I have a home group set up with multiple Google speakers and Google wifi. When I play Pandora over the home group all speakers work great except for the occasional garbled music sound from the Sony receiver/Chromecast. We need a fix for this asap please... Clearly it's happening to many Google customers!
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Hello, thanks for taking the time to post your issue.
Does your supported sending device (e.g phone), speakers or router have a loose cable connection, task killer app, standby, firewall, antivirus, sleep mode, power saver, a parental control, wifi network extender, or electromagnetic devices (stereo receiver, DECT cordless phone, microwave, baby monitor, refrigerator, LCD monitor, etc) causing interference?
If you have DECT or baby monitor, or other bluetooth devices, make sure their batteries are fresh and check their user manuals about changing channels. Speaking of channels, if you have an Android device, install the Google Play app, Wifi Analyzer and run it. Your wifi router may be on a congested channel. Try channel 1, 6 or 11. Not Auto setting.  Please keep in mind that resetting or making changes to your router settings may have unintended consequences. If you have questions or concerns, please consult your router manufacturer or Internet Service Provider before making any changes. See What router settings do I need to set up Chromecast?

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