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I just bought my second Chromecast, and forgot all about the first one that I had bought about a year ago. I remember now quite clearly throwing the first one in the garbage because of the ambient mode settings that cannot be disabled. I think the second one may end up in the same place.
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Ambient mode cannot be disabled completely
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Now it's starting to look like you intentually kept ambient from us when making decision whether we wanted chromecast or not.I'm still confused as to what it is and why would I want it.all of us that actually purchased the chromecast know that if we followed your word for word directions in installing and setting the chromecast up would be still trying because there were actual times where I'd start thinking we were thinking about 2 completely different things and when we questioned the directions all was said was it's the easiest to set up and all had to do is hit install and poof like magic it was installed.only technical part was making sure both parts shared same wifi.I use chromecast to watch videos on tv.why would I want to view my pictures? They already have their place and I know where and how to view them when I want
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From another writeup I have read, Chromecast will continue to show images even if it isn't being displayed on your TV.  This is eating up expensive bandwidth.  The article suggested creating low resolution images for it to stream.  I would suggest a low resolution black screen so it won't burn in on your TV if left unattended while it is showing.  The other option is control its' power using an automated system that you can configure to power it off when not in use.  If you power it via a USB on your TV it will always be on with the TV, even if not viewing Chromecast.  Powering directly from an outlet will leave it on all the time.  I have a LG TV that can only be powered on by remote control or CEC via HDMI.  It would be nice if Chromcast would allow voice control of the TV thru CEC but all it can do is turn it on to the input that Chromecast is on.  I plan on using a voice controlled outlet to turn on the Chromecast and TV in turn but then will have to come up with another way to voice control the TV, probably Logitech Harmony hub along with Gooble Assistant.
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Create a black low res photo and put it into a Google photos album.
Direct ambient mode to play that photo album.

I unreservedly consider Ambient Mode to be a Sensational Feature.
Being able to play a random slideshow of photo's had me buy a 50 inch TV with Chromecast solely to help my elderly mother remember family events and cause her mind to be active.
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We hate the environment mode, Google doesn't understand?
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I have a simular problem. I have an expensive wireless broadband and try to use a pair of small pics in Google Photos, but somehow I can't find the choice "Ambient Mode". It is not shown in the menues. Could the problem be that I use both android mobil and ipad? I need to stop pics from other sources. In Google Photo I only have the two black pics.

I have only one chromecast box and when loading Google Home app there is no setting sign in the up right corner of the pic (device) but there is a setting sign on top of the page. Could this be the problem?
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Yes, we do need a DISABLE button guys.  I have monitors sitting on the wall 24/7.  I want to permanent cast my tabs to them and don't want to see my TVs to go into ambient mode.
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This ambient mode is ridiculous. We need a way to turn it off.
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Agreed.  I f'ing hate ambient mode. I have a POS Chinese branded android box that runs circles around the chromecast ultra.
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Google never releases their development plans. Send feedback to the Chromecast  Support Team 
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