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Christina Phan

What router settings do I need to set up Chromecast?

Hi everyone!

We often hear that users have issues with their router settings when they first set up Chromecast. Here’s what you need to Set Up Chromecast:
  • If you're using Chromecast 1st gen, use the required 2.4 GHz WiFi band, not 5 GHz.
  • Make sure your router is within 10-15 feet of your Chromecast.
  • Enable: Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), multicast, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP)
  • Disable: AP/client isolation, virtual private networks (VPNs), proxy servers, IGMP Proxy
  • Please note, each router and its settings are a bit different. Contact your router manufacturer for details.
  • If you’re using a BT Hub, turn off the Smart Setup feature in the router settings and reset the Chromecast. Check out Switching Smart Setup on and off on the BT Home Hub 4 or Hub 5 for more details.
Still having trouble with setup? Next steps:
  1. Please keep in mind that resetting or making changes to your router settings may have unintended consequences. If you have questions or concerns, please consult your router manufacturer or ISP before making any changes.
  2. Check out the Chromecast Troubleshooter.
  3. Or reply to this thread and answer the following questions:
    • Are you seeing any particular error message?
    • What’s your router’s make and model?
    • What’s your TV’s make and model?
    • What color is the LED light on your device? Is it solid or flashing?
Christina and the Google Cast team
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Google user
Google user
Hi Christina,
I've got new router ZyXEL VMG5313-B30A and when setting up in Google cast I can see the 4 digit code, but I don't see our wireless network (I can see neighbours). When I try to select other and type it manualy I get the error that chromecast could not connect please check your network name. Old router worked with no problems. I reset chromecast several times and checked/ amended all router setting ( except multicast as such is not there just IGMP). Can you help?
I've 2 laptops - one (lenovo) i manage to cast on my tv and the other (lenovo) is giving me device missing.....I'm confused as I don't whats the issue. Any advice is much appreciated.
Ruth Cawsey
Ruth Cawsey
we have a B.T infinity hub we have turned off the smart set up but the chromecast still can not find the WiFi. The router is on a blue steady light and all the other things we have conected work fine.The T.V is a J,V,C smart TV but chromecast works fine up to the point where it needs to connect to the WiFi any help would be appreciated Thanks 
Google user
Google user
Will you release a version " ultra" of chromecast audio ? It would be very , very interesting .
Richard McManus
Richard McManus
Why do I need to touch router which in the next room? I don't want to break or do something wrong and have to have the cable guy come to fix!!!
Michael Tintner
Michael Tintner
Hi I have an old early Chromecast wh. works. But will the latest Chromecast link to my 5 GHZ router band (wh. my one doesn't)  - and give me still better reception on the tv? Thx
Google user
Google user
Why do you suddenly say the router needs to be 10-15 feet from the Chromecast device?  I have Chromecast 1st Gen and it has worked fine until you introduced the downgrade (sic) to Google 'Home' - and the router is upstairs, more than 10-15 feet from my snug!
Google user
Google user
There is a flashing white light on the chrome cast and I know the router is not the problem, it's telling me to reconnect by opening the home app and confirm my wifi password, but the app won't connect to the device, it says it found it but when it tries to connect to the device it can't
Michael Woodine,

You wrote, I know the router is not the problem

Please post a new topic as this is off topic from the original post.

Michael Tintner

For Chromecast (1st generation), connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G network.

For Chromecast, connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4/5G network.

For Chromecast Ultra, connection to a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n/ac 5G network.

See Setup instructions. 
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Tyson Domer
Tyson Domer
Chromecast is a Trojan Horse that is helping to sell Google mesh WiFi units...by identifying customers with crappy/difficult radio coverage in their homes and/or customers with poorly configured/kludged home networking setups.
All kidding aside, I agree with your sentiment that Google has to do better. Too often end users have to figure out what's going on behind the scenes (i.e. how the tech is implemented/working) in order to solve basic issues. Worse, Google sometimes exposes "features" that can have serious negative consequences. One example (not Chromecast) is the seemingly innocuous and convenient "show Google Photos in Google Drive check box" in Google Photos. Checking that box can create a world of confusion for the casual user that just wants to backup, organize, edit and share photos.
Now that Google is selling more and more services (and hardware) it's definitely necessary to put products out that "just work." No more catering to the tech-saavy crowd; it has to work consistently and beautifully and intuitively at all times...out of the box. For Chromecast that could mean a rigorous network analysis during setup to identify potential problems for the user. Ha! It's a fine line...
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