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Chromecast creating own unsecured network. how to disable or adjust to secured?

My chromecast is creating it's own network which is unsecured. I have chromecast setup to my wifi but my wifi requires a password. Now the chromecast is making it's own network that is unsecure, so anyone can bypass my WiFi security and use my WiFi. Is there anyway to disable this or make the chromecast network secured?


Including the following information may help answer your question:
  • What OS are you using to cast (Android 4.4, Windows 7, OSx 10.8, etc.)?
  • What is the make and model of your router?
  • What is the make and model of your television?
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Frank Tedesco
Frank Tedesco

That WiFi connection it makes is temporary during setup.  Once the setup is complete, Chromecast removes it, and connects via your secure WiFi connection.

Enjoy your Chromecast.

Brian Maples
Brian Maples
If internet connectivity is lost or if example if the wifi router the chromecast is connected with rebooted, accidentally turned off, etc... basically if the configured wifi network is not available it will attempt this setup mode your speaking of.  What is to stop anyone from re-configuring my chromecast device if my router reboots or even locks up? Deployment in a public place would be problematic if the configured wireless drops out for whatever reason since the attacker could physically see the authorization code displayed on the chromecast display. Can this feature be disabled? or perhaps a software update that would allow for this to be disabled entirely requiring the factory reset side button to be pressed before coming up in this mode?
I just configured my Chromecast and I also feel quite uncomfortable with this issue. What happens if someone connects to my Chromecast while the router for example resets? Are there any possibilities to read out data from the Chromecast or even worse, find a  way to intrude to my Wifi when the Chromecast is again connected to it?
As Frank said, Chromecast broadcasts its own WiFi network only once during setup. After that, Chromecast will always connect to your secure wireless network. 
This isn't exactly true. The own Chromecast WiFi-network reappears for example when it has no connection to the secured WiFi. This could happen by restarting the WiFi-Router or by turning of WiFi at the router for any reason. 
Because of that it would be very interesting to know, if there is any security threat in the mentioned cases or in the case, that someone connects to the Chromecast-WiFi while the setup. In other words: Is Chromecast secure from the moment it's reconnected to the secure WiFi or is there any way to intrude to the WiFi via the Chromecast?
In my opinion the attacker even need not see the code. Isn't there just the question "do you see the code xxxx?" while setup? You only have to confirm and not type in any code on your device. And that's really a thing that is strange, isn't it?
Much more interesting:isn't there really any chance of the secure wifi being compromised by someone connecting to the open wifi of the Chromecast before it connects when turning on the TV.
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