EU 적합성 선언(2014/53/EU)


EU Declaration of Conformity

Google LLC 
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

This declaration of conformity is issued for:

Radio equipment model number:      NC2-6A5
Product name:      Google Chromecast
Serial Number of NC2-6A5 covered by this EU DoC YMDDAPXXXXX (Y = year, M = month DD = day, 
AP = product code, XXXXX = serial number) 
Accessories: Power adapter model# 
S005BBB0500100 or S005BBV0500100 and
USB-A to micro-USB cable are bundled with the NC2-6A5


We, Google LLC, declare under our sole responsibility that the above named product(s) conform to the essential requirements of the following European Union directives:

The object of the declaration described above is in conformity with the following regulations:

Radio Equipment Directive (RED)          2014/53/EU
Low Voltage Directive                 2014/35/EU 
RoHS Directive                      2011/65/EU
Ecodesign Directive                2009/125/EC
Ecodesign Commission Regulation         (EC) No 278/2009
Ecodesign Commission Regulation        
(EU) No 801/2013 amending 
Regulation (EC) No 1275/2008


The following harmonized standards and normative documents are those to which the product’s conformance is declared, and by specific reference to the essential requirements of the referenced Directives:

Health & Safety (Article 3.1(a) of the RED)


EN 60950-1:2006 + A11:2009 + A1:2010+
A12:2011 + A2:2013
EN 62368-1: 2014/A11:2017
EN 62311: 2008

EMC (Article 3.1(b) of the RED)    

EN 301 489-1 v2.2.0
EN 301 489-17 v3.2.0
EN 55032:2015 + AC:2016
EN 55024:2010 
EN 61000-3-2:2014
EN 61000-3-3:2013

Spectrum (Article 3.2 of the RED)
EN 300 328 v2.1.1
EN 301 893 v2.1.1
Equipment within Certain Categories or Classes (Article 3.3 of the RED) N/A
RoHS Directive, 2011/65/EU EN 50581:2012


EN 62301:2005
Software version:                                               


Signed for and on the behalf of Google LLC

Signature present on English version of DoC

Ajay Kamath
Director, Product Integrity Engineering

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