Introducing Chromecast Ultra


Chromecast Ultra


With Chromecast Ultra,  you can enjoy all of your favorite movies, shows, games and music plus the latest 4K and HDR content.

When combined with a 4K and HDR TV* and compatible content,** Chromecast Ultra offers 4K content with crisper picture, deeper color and smoother video. No 4K TV? No problem: No matter what type of TV you have, Chromecast Ultra automatically optimizes your content for the best picture quality your TV can deliver so you always get your TV’s maximum resolution.

Chromecast Ultra includes upgraded Wi-Fi and an ethernet adapter so you can enjoy rock solid streaming over either type of connection. All of this is packed into a compact design that fits snugly behind your TV so it won’t clutter your entertainment center.

Chromecast Ultra works with devices you already own, including Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads, Windows and Mac laptops, and Chromebook Pixel. And there's no remote required! Browse for entertainment, control playback, and adjust volume using the smartphone, tablet, or laptop you know and love.

*While Chromecast Ultra will work on a standard HDTV, it requires a 4K-compatible HDTV with an HDMI port and a broadband Internet connection to stream content in 4K. More information is available at
**4k programming subject to availability from content providers and will only play on 4K TVs. 

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