Known Issue: Full-screen mirroring of Flash content isn't working

This issue has been resolved. If you are still experiencing issues, please update to the latest version of Chrome.

The Chromecast team is aware of an issue with a recent Flash update that causes tab casting of full-screen Adobe Flash content to break.

Who is affected: Chrome users, including those on stable channel.

What you'll see: A black screen with a small version of your content in the upper left corner.

Is there a workaround? The team is currently working on a permanent fix for the issue. In the meantime, you may be able to use one of the workarounds below:

  1. Cast your entire screen.
    • In the upper right corner of your browser, click the Cast extension.
    • In the right corner of the pop up window, click the inverted triangle to open Cast menu screen.
    • Click Cast desktop/window (experimental). This will cast your entire screen. You can go full screen after initiating casting. Please note: Performance is lower in this mode; also, audio is not supported on Mac OS X.
  2. Use pop-out support.
    Some sites allow you to pop out a dedicated player window.
    • On Windows and Chrome OS, click the title bar of the pop-out window. Click Show as tab.
    • On Mac OS X, you may be able to copy the URL of the pop-out window > close the pop-out window > paste the URL into a new tab. Once the pop-up player is running in a tab, you can then cast the tab. You may need to resize the tab, but video will typically fill the entire content area.
  3. Install Chrome Canary.
    A fix for this issue will land first in the Canary version of Chrome (which is less stable, but has the very latest code). We expect this fix to be available in Canary by July 10th. Please note: Chrome Canary installs separately from your regular Chrome browser; you can use it for casting until the fix becomes available in all Chrome versions. Here's how to install Chrome Canary.
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